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About Us

Our Travel Company is called CITS of Southeast Guizhou(Its Shorten Name: CITS Kaili)

CITS of Southeast Guizhou was ever a branch of CITS, now we become independent, work for ourselves and for our people. It is one of the biggest companies in Guizhou, and also it's the biggest travel company in Kaili city, since our company is just located in Kaili. Most of our staff are from ethnic groups, and speak their own languages besides Chinese and English. We are confident that we know our ethnic culture deeper and better than other outsiders, because our roots stay inside our culture.

As people of ethnic groups, we think we have a responsibility to show the best side of Hmong(Miao), Dong, Yao, Yi and other groups in Guizhou(also in other provinces) to our guests and friends before the tribal cultures lose. I am sure these traditional things are vanishing, and in fact, they are happening now, since China is developing so fast. This is the reason why I try to run this webpage.

From this page, visitors can tell what's in Guizhou, when and which festival will arrive.

For more detailed festivals or minority market information, you can contact us by emails. If you do not get a reply from us in three days, you can send the email again or just give us a call directly.

Our service is offered not only inside Guizhou, but also outside Guizhou, such as in Guangxi, Hunan,Sichuan, Yunnan and so on.

If you want to book a trip or need any travel information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will give you a response in 24 hours after you email to :


Our Contact:

Office: 0086-8222099

Mobile: 0086-13595521025

Wechat: 707822534

Company Name: CITS of Southeast Guizhou,

Add: No.53East Yingpan Road, Kaili, Guizhou, China

Travel Company:贵州黔东南中国国际旅行社有限责任公司

Add: 中国贵州省凯里市营盘东路53号