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Dragon Boat Festival Tour 2017
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The dragon boat festival falls on the 25th of the fifth lunar month(it is often in July or late June). Different from Han Chinese Dragon Boat festival, Miao Dragon festival  focuses on  praying for plenty rain for rice fields and other crops. Before the boat race starts, the local boatmen drive their dragon boats(made of a single timber) to visit their relatives of villages on both sides of Qingshuijiang river. Their relatives already prepared 'gifts'(ducks, geeses, pigs, even a young bull) before the boats arrive, and wait for their arrival. These are not just simple gifts, they also symbolize good lucks.

D1(June 18) Other cities - Guiyang - Transfer to Kaili city.

D2(June 19) Kaili-Shidong-Zhenyuan, Dragon Boat festival! Visit Dragon Boat Festival in Shidong.

And visit other Miao villages on the way.

Overnight in Zhenyuan

D3(June 20) Zhenyuan-Kaili,  and visit Matang village and other villages.

Overnight in Kaili

D4(June 21) Kaili - Leishan, Jidao Miao village-- Shiqiao paper making Miao
village ( Danzhai County) and Boji Miao village, see the lolca women making embroidery and weaving - Kaili

D5(June 22) Kaili - some village, or market day visit - Guiyang - Shenzhen - Hong Kong

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