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16-Day Trip in Guizhou
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Day 1. Arrive in Guiyang

Day 2. Guiyang to Huangguoshu waterfall. Discover the old Han Chinese in stone castle, and appreciate the Ground Opera. They are the descendants of soldiers from today’s Nan Jing east of china in Ming dynasty. Opera used to the Beijing style was also brought to Guizhou together. Appreciate the waterfall, 81m wide and 74m high, one of the famous falls in the world.

Day 3, Huangguoshu–Liuzhi. Discover the Long Horn Miao (Hmong) in Suo Ga village. Appreciate their long horns and batik daily dress made in home by them.

Day 4. Liuzhi—Zhenfeng. Across the big gorge of Huajiang, and enjoy its marvelous view. Later on discover Black Miao.

Day 5. Zhen Feng–Zi Yun. Admire pure Bu Yi customs and stone villages. Discover Horn Miao.

Day 6, Zi Yun—Wang Mo. Discover White Miao and Bu Yi with shinning cloth.

Day 7, Wangmo—Luodian. Discover Red Miao and experience local ethnic market in the marketing day.

Day 8, Luodian—Pingtang. Appreciate peculiar plateau of Xi Guan and discover Sea Shell Miao there. Then across the big gorge of Cao Hedu river and discover Blue Miao, enjoying women’s hairstyle designed with pig teeth.

Day 9, Pingtang—Libo. Visit Karst primitive forest in Xiao Qikong, national attraction, and discover Yao people in Yao mountains.

Day 10, Libo—Sandu. Experience Shui area. Enjoy Shui people and find the difference to others. Sandu is the only Shui autonomous county across the country and over 90% people is Shui.

Day 11. Sandu—Congjiang. Experience ethnic market about the culture of Duliu river and Basha Miao. Boasted of No.1 primitvie village of China, Basha is a window of ancientry in that their hearstyle and daily dress resemble warrior’s very much long time ago.

Day12, Congjiang—Zhaoxing. Admire the Diping roofed bridge, the most delicate folk architecture in Guizhou and visit Tang’an ecological museum —cooperation between China and Norway. Later in the afternoon, enjoy polyphonic singsing which is exclusive in Dong area.
Stay in the Dong’s traditional wooden house.

Day 13, Zhaoxing—Rongjiang. Discover more about Dong. Appreciate Yingtan village, a treasure in valleys. Visit Chejiang Dong village, covered by group of ancient banyans along Duliu river.

Day 14. Rongjiang—Kaili. Across over the Leigong mountain, the national reserve zone, enjoying her marvelous landscape. And then discover Shirt Skirt Miao and Long Skirt Miao, experience their welcome ceremony.

Day 15. Kaili—Guiyang. Appreciate Gejia people, especially their exquisite batik. And city tour in Guiyang.

Day 16. Depart Guiyang.

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