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Changsha-Zhaoxing-Kaili in 2019
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10/04/19    Arrive at Changsha Airport

Meet at the airport in Changsha , drive to the hotel.

11/04/19    Changsha – Zhangjiajie

After breakfast, drive to Zhangjiajia National Park

Visit Huangshizhai and Golden Whip Stream.

Overnight in Wulingyuan.

12/04/19   Full Day Sightseeing Zhangjiajie National Park

Start early to catch the 1st park bus and cable car up to have best photos taken in the early morning in Tianzi Mountain 'Old House Area' (Laowuchang), sightseeing West Sea Sandstone forest, Imperial Brush Pen Peaks and Fairy maid disperse flowers

Go by shuttle bus to Yuanjiajie. Visit the Enchanting Stage (Mihun Tai) and the “No.1 Bridge on Earth”(natural bridge formed by two mountains).

Take the Bailong elevator back down the mountain.

Sunset shooting at Ten Miles Art Gallery

Overnight in Wulingyuan.

13/04/19  Tianmen Mountain – Furong Ancient Town – Fenghuang

In the morning, take the 7.4km long cableway to the top of Tianmen Mountain, the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie (standing at 1520 metres). See sub-primitive forests, Tianmen Temple and Tianmen Cave (Heaven Gateway), Tongtian Avenue (a way to Heaven), Tianmen glass walkway, Ghost-valley plank road, and Yunmeng Fairy Summit are the main wonders.

Come down the mountain in the afternoon.

After lunch, drive to Fenghuang, visit Furong Ancient Town en-route.

Enjoy night scene at Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Overnight in Fenghuang Ancient Town

14/04/19    Fenghuang – Zhaoxing

Visit Fenghuang old town in the morning, after lunch, drive to Zhaoxing Dong Village.   Overnight at Indigo Lodge Hotel        

15/04/19    Zhaoxing - Tang'an – Zhaoxing

Drive to see the Yao (costumes), on the way, enjoy the beautiful rice fields scenery, enjoy the spectacular terraced fields in Tang’an, then lunch in Tang’an village. Visit Tang’an Dong village. If physical condition is allowed, can have the hiking tour from Tang’an to Zhaoxing via nice looking rice terraces and Xiage village (about 4km, 2 hours and 20 minutes), if not, come back to Zhaoxing by car.    Visit Zhaoxing Dong village ( 5 old drum towers, wind and rain bridges) in the late afternoon.

Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

16/04    Zhaoxing - Basha Miaozhai – Jiabang Rice Terrace

After breakfast, drive to Jiabang, on the way, visit Basha Miao village

Sightsee and photograph Miao villages & rice terraces along the way to Jiabang. While arrival Jiabang, sightsee & sunset shooting the spectacular terrace fields in Jiabang.

17/04    Jiabang Rice Terrace – Xijiang Miao Village

Sunrise shooting the spectacular terrace fields in Jiabang.

After breakfast,drive to Rongjiang, see the market(food, meat, vegetables) in Rongjiang  

Drive to Xijiang, see Miao women do wax printing demonstration in festival dress for pictures in Wuji Miao(Gunzhong style Miao) village en route.

Enjoy the beautiful rice fields in Kaitun( on the way to Xijiang).

Visit Xinqiao Miao village (Short skirt Miao-costumes, weaving demonstration).Overnight in Xijiang Miao Village

18/04  Xijiang - Langde Miao Village

Visit Xijiang Miao Village in the morning

Drive to Langde, visit Langde Miao Village

Overnight in Langde Miao Village (costumes, Braid stitch demonstration)

19/04   Sisters Meal Festival Day!

Langde - Pianzhai Sisters' meal festival - Zhenyuan Old Town

After breakfast, drive to Shidong for Sisters’ meal festival.

After the festival, drive to Zhenyuan.      

Overnight in Zhenyuan Ancient Town

20/04   Zhenyuan – Kaili

Visit Qinglongdong old architectures( the largest well preserved old architecture complex in Guizhou , which was originally built in the Ming dynasty).

Drive to Kaili, on the way, visit Feiyunya old architecture, visit Matang village(Gejia people-an unrecognized minority) with wax printing demonstration and festival dress for pictures.

Overnight in Kaili

21/04    Kaili - afternoon high speed train to Changsha

Visit Minority museum in Kaili

See indigenous paper making in Shiqiao village

Lunch in Qingman village, after lunch, visit Qingman Miao village(costume, weaving demonstration, Zhouxi style Miao)

Drive to Kaili railway station and take train G1330(14:39-17:22) to Changsha

22/04   Changsha - depart

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