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Arrive in Kaili, stay overnight in Kaili.

D1 Kaili-Shidong-Kaili, visit market in Shidong, and visit other villages on the way to Shidong.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D2 Kaili-Matang-Qingman-Shiqiao-Xijiang

Visit Matang village(Gejia group),Qingman Miao village, Shiqiao village, where the local people still making paper with trees' bark by hand, this could be dated back to 700 years in Guizhou. Drive to Xijiang.
Stay overnight in Xijiang

D3 Xijiang-Rongjiang, visit Datang village, Wuji Miao village and other villages on the way.
We can see people making batik by hand and do some hiking today.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D4 Rongjiang-Zhaoxing, visit market in Rongjiang, and Tingdong, and visit Basha Miao village and Zhaoxing Dong township.
Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D5 Zhaoxing-Rongjiang, drive to Tang'an and go hiking from Tang'an to Zhaoxing(2 hours)
Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D6 Zhaoxing-Liping-Rongjiang, visit Dimen Dong village, and other Dong villages on the way to Rongjiang.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D7 Rongjiang-Kaili, drive to Kaili, and visit Langde on the way to Kaili, the trip ends.
Stay overnight in Kaili

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