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5 Days Tour: Kaili-Langde-Jiabang-Zhaoxing
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Recommendation: We highly recommend this tour starts at the end of August or finish before September, since it is the best season  to see yellow ripe rice and Guizhou countryside, especially before rice harvest at the beginning of October.

Day1 Arrive at Kaili Nan Train Station

Meet our guide and driver, transfer to Kaili city. After we pick you up, we drive to Shiqiao Miao village, where the local people still make paper with trees‘ bark, which can be dated back to 1,300 years ago in China, until Marco Polo brought this technology to Europe one day.

Overnight at Kaiyuan Hotel(4 stars)

Day2 Kaili-Langde-Rongjiang

Visit Upper Langde Miao village, and experience a greeting ceremony in front of Langde, the local women wearing traditional costumes and offer you cups of rice wine and ask you to drink when you enter into Langde, and there will be a dance performance waiting for you inside the village. On the way to Rongjiang, there are other 3 villages of ethnic groups‘ villages  at least for us to visit, they are Datang village, Qiaoben village, and Wuji Miao village.

Overnight at Rongjiang Dongxiangmi hotel(3 stars)

Day3 Rongjiang-Jiabang

Visit a morning market in Rongjiang, in which we will see Miao, Dong and Shui women selling vegetable and meat, some of them just carry their fresh vegetable with bamboo baskets walking on the market street and ask local people if they want to buy. After the market, we will drive along Duliu river, we will make some stop for you to take pictures of villages on both sides of the river.

Drive to Jiabang, it is famous for terraced paddy fields, just discovered for 6 years, there are many Miao and Zhuang villages around the rice paddies.

Overnight at Tonggu Po hotel(3 stars)

Day4 Jiache-Zhaoxing

Visit the beautiful terraced paddy fields around Jiache village in the morning, and then drive to Zhaoxing.

After 2 hours‘ drive, we depart the paved National road and take a country road up hills and enter into traditional Dong region. The first village in front of us is still a Miao village called Fuzhong, but they dress as Dongs  because they live in Dong area and wear indigo dyed shiny clothes, women using leggings. On the way to Zhaoxing , we will visit Zhanli Dong village, Huanggang Dong village. The two village villages are very traditional and they located in two different valleys, many local do not speak Chinese, they only speak Dong language.

Arrive at  Zhaoxing in the evening, and enjoy Dong chorus, Dong people are good at singing, they often say Rice fills the stomach while songs fill hearts, so they start learning singing when they start leaning speaking.

Overnight at Zhaoxing Duoye hotel(3-4 stars)

Day5 Zhaoxing-Congjiang/Guilin

In the morning we take a local bus to Tang‘an Dong village, which is located on a high mountain, and there are a lot of terraced paddy fields around Tang‘an Dong village. Hike from Tang‘an down the hills to Zhaoxing, it takes 2 hours. In the afternoon or evening, you can take a high speed train from Congjiang to Guilin. Congjiang train station is not far from Zhaoxing.

Cost of the tour:

A Group of 2 persons: USD 1200 /person

A Group of 4 Persons: USD 950 /person

A Group of 6-10persons: USD760 /person


1. An English speaking guide;

2. A private car or van, parking lot fee, toll gate cost, and petrol;

3. Guide and driver‘s basic accommodations and food;

4. All entrance cost in the program;

5. Meals in the tour;

6. Accommodations for guests;

Not Included:

1.Airfares or trains tickets;


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