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Traditional Activities in Southeast Guizhou
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Before the cockfight people will cover the cock with a piece of red cloth and then hold it to worship and sacrifice to the Heaven and the Earth. The cock's owner drinks the first two glasses of alcohols and pour the third one on the cock. There is no time limit or game limits during the cockfight. They only fight once to make the champion. The Miao nationality is famous for their animals-imitation dancing such as birds' dancing.

Wine Custom

There is a rule among the Miao and Dong Villages in the autonomous counties in southeastern Guizhou Provinceno wine no etiquette, no wine no feast. Every family has one or two jars of rice wine made of sticky rice, spirit containing 20%-30% of alcohol.

Tai Guanren (Carrying the Government Official in a Sedan Chair)

Tai Guanren is a festival ethnic show in the Dong nationality villages in Liping and Congjiang, such as Jitang in Liping and Longtu in Congjiang. Tai Guanren in Chinese menas carrying the government official in a sedan chair. Usually, a boy will act as a rich and powerful government official, and another boy will act as his chamberlain or private adviser. The government official takes the sedan chair, while the chamberlain takes a wooden bucket, with a band ahead to clear the way and followed by clowns. They give the funny performance together until they reach the drum tower. Tai guanren gives us a vivid picture of the Dongs customs.

Singing in the Moonlight

Singing in the moonlight is a usual social activity among the young Dong people. Usually, girls who often work together have their own singing group. They gather together at a singing hall at night, which is also called Moon Hall (get the name from the moon at night). It is also an entertaining place for boys. In Dongs, the Singing hall just like the KTV, bars, cafes in the city, is a wonderful place for the young people to communicate with each other.

Welcome the Guests in the Way

It is the warmest welcome in the Dongs to receive the guests in the way. Actually, it happens when the Dongs invite guests to have a together or invite a friend-singing group to come to give performances.When the host hears the Lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument used by Miao, Yao and Dong nationalities) from the guest, the host will get ready for the welcome ceremony.

Exorcising Dance

Exorcising Dance originated from the ancient sacrifice and pray-for-blessings actions, which is now popular in Cengong and Zhenyuan counties etc. The exorcising dance in Cengong is the most famous.

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