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Dating Girls in Miao Villages
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In each Miao village of Guizhou,there is a common place for young people to date each other. The local men could not go to the dating place in their villages. So they must go to other villages' dating place at night, and date the girls there. In the today’s modern society, young people often try to date girls by inviting them to join the meals, this is very possibly successful. But in the remote Miao villages we still often date girls by singing or making music. For we Miaos, we think it is too shy to say ' I love you' directly to girls, which is ever thought to be very silly. Therefore, the young men have to express their feeling by singing songs like this: I am a lonely bird, after flying in the sky for a whole day, I am too tired. But I am so lucky to meet you, my lovely tree. Will you please let me take a rest in your arms?

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