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Siyueba Festival
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Siyueba festival falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month in Feiyunya(also called Flying Cloud Cliff Temple). The festival is held in memory of a Miao hero who sacrificed himself for Miao freedom in the past anti-ruler war. The local Miao people cerebrate it by singing songs and playing music instruments-Lusheng.

Now it is not only a simple festival for the locals to remember the hero and the old stories, but also a good chance for young people to look for their girlfriend or boyfriend.

The program is below:

Day1 Kaili-Zhenyan,

visit Matang, Chong'an, and experience the festival in Feiyunya temple in Huangping. Stay overnight in Zhenyuan

Day2 Zhenyuan-Shidong-Kaili

Visit Black Dragon cave and the silver smith's house and visit other villages on the way. Stay overnight in Kaili

Day3 Kaili-Leishan-Shiqiao,

visit Langde Miao village, the traditional pottery making mills near Leishan, paper making in Shiqiao.

Stay overnight in Shiqiao

Day4 Shiqiao-Rongjiang, visit Baibei Miao village, Bameng Shui village.

Stay overnight in Rongjiang

Day5 Rongjiang-Basha,

visit Tuomiao village, Jiabang terraced fields, Basha Miao village.

Stay overnight in Basha

Day6 Basha-Zhaoxing,

Visit Kaka Dong village, Xiaohuang Dong villange, Huanggang Dong village.

Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

Day7 Zhaoxing, drive to visit Tang'an and its terraced fields, and hike down to Zhaoxing. it takes 2 hours. Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

Day8 Zhaoxing-Rongjiang, visit Yintan Dong village, Zengchong Dong village.

Stay overnight in Rongjiang

Day9 Rongjiang-Nanshao, visit Wazhai Miao village, Gaoding Miao village, and villages around Nanlao.

Stay overnight in Nanlao

Day10 Nanlao-Jianhe,

Take local boat to visit other MIao village on both sides of Qingshuijiang river.

Stay overnight in Jianhe

Day11 Jianhe-Longhmalue-Hadiu, drive to Longhmalue, start our hike to Hadiu, passing through Longhmalue village, Hgongbie Miao village, and Handiu village.

Stay overnight in Hadiu village.

Day12 Hadiu-Xijiang-Kaili, hike to Xijiang(it takes 2 hours), and drive to Kaili from Xijiang. After we arrive at Kaili, the trip ends.

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