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Ancient Town Zhenyuan

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A tranquil ancient town hidden in east Guizhou, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Famous for its beautiful landscape, historic sites and dense minority ethnic customs. Miao people inhabit there for hundreds of years.

The long history endows the town with many cultural relics. It covers only an area of 3.1sqkm  but cradles 160 scenic spots including caves, palaces, pavilions, temples and rivers with their unique architecture, exquisite engravings and marvelous natural landscape.

Cut through by the Wuyang River, the town is divided into two parts: south 'Wei City' and north 'Fu City', it is well-reputed as the 'Oriental Venice'.


Architecture/Wuyang River Cruise/ Miao Great Wall Ruins

Wuyang River Scenic Area 

Flowing through the Miaoling Mountains, the charming and lively Wuyang River runs 95 km from Huangping to Zhenyuan, finally join into Yuanjiang in Hunan Province. Its scenic spots in Zhenyuan, Shibing and Huangping compose the National Wuyang Scenic Area.

The river is geographically divided into Upper Wuyang between Huangping and Shibing and Down Wuyang from Shibing to Zhenyuan. Within these two sections, the most sightworthy and impressive scenery could be enjoyed in a cruise at Zhenyuan.

Wuyang Three Gorges, a 35km-waterway, is the most beautiful section of the whole scenic area. It consists of Dragon King Gorge, East (Zhu Ge) Gorge and West Gorge. Secluded caves, gurgling springs, rugged rocks, dangerous passes and spectacular waterfalls interspersed on the mountains of both banks along the three gorges endow the Wuyang River, along with the dangers of Yangtze River Three Gorges and the elegance of Li River in Guilin.

The Black Dragon Cave (Qinglong Cave / Qinglong Dong)

Located on Zhonghe Mountain in the east of Zhenyuan, the Black Dragon Cave was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) , it's  the largest ancient architecture remnants of Guizhou, incl.single and multi-storied pavilions, temples, shrines, palaces etc.

The complex were constructed according to the natural features of Zhonghe Mountain which is precipitous. The architectural sculptures and adornments are simple and unsophisticated , yet quietly elegant. The way in which the Confucianist, Taoist and Buddhist temples were put together embodies a combination of the 3 beliefs.

Against the green backdrop, the Black Dragon Cave seems to cling to the mountainside in an orderly tiered way due to the precipitous cliff, which makes it blend the characteristics of a garden with the style of a temple.


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