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Hiking Tours

Visit Long-horn Miao and Black-neck Cranes

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D1. Arrive in Guiyang by flight.  Our guide will meet you at the airport.Then you will
transfer to shuttle bus to Guiyang bus station, then transfer to the bus to Liuzhi,
the trip will take roughly three hours or four hours to get there.

Stay overnight at Liuzhiu


D2. Liuzhi-Xinhua-Dashuichong

Bus to Xinhua, then maybe you will transfer to a mini-bus for driving about 10 minutes, there you will start to hike up a mountain for forty minutes to a village called Xinfa, here is considered to be the start of Long-horned Miao hilltribe. You will take one hour to mill around here, talk to the locals to make them relax, then you will have your photo chance. You will keep hiking up to more rocky mountains, then you will come to a village Dashuichong, the second Long-horned Miao village.

Stay overnight at Dashuichong village


D3. Dashuichong-Xinfang-Xinzhai

D4. Xinzhai-Dashan-Buke

D5. Buke-Suoga. Then bus back to Liuzhi. When you hike to Suoga, this doesn¡¯t mean you have come to the Long-horned Miao end territory. From here to the north, there are some more Long-horned Miao village for you to explore. There are 2400 in total of the population, according to uncompleted statistics.

Stay overnight in Suoga village


D6.Suoga-Liuzhi, hike from Suoga village to Suoga township for 2 hours, and transfer another mini-van or bus to Liuzhi. Visit other places on the way to Liuzhi.
Stay overnight in Liuzhi  


D7 Liuzhi-Zhaotong,

Visit Er¡¯tang Miao villages, which are also called Four-seal Miao people, the local Miao women are quite professional in batik making and textile weaving. Besides this, we will visit other landscape in the daytime as well, and take a train to Zhaotong in the evening.
Stay overnight in Zhaotong

D8 Zhaotong-Shimenkan, take bus to Shimen
Even it¡¯s not well-known nowadays but it was quite famous in past hundred years. Samual Pollard, a missioner from South Wales found this place to preach Christianity to Big-flower Miao in 1904, first Bible in MIao language was written here and 300,000 Big-flower Miao and other hill tribe transferred from animist and shamanist to Christian since them. You will visit locals Miao, for those old people still speak some English and even can play soccer. The church will be worth your time as well.
Stay overnight in Shimen


D9 Shimen, go hiking to visit some near and far Big Flower Miao villages around Shimen.

Stay overnight in Shimen

D10 Shimen-Caohai-Weining
Take a mini-van to Zhaoshui, and transfer a train to Weining. Visit the Black neck cranes in
Caohai(Grass Lake) in the evening.The town of Weining is quite dirty and noisy, but the night market is quite interesting and worth  your time to move around, if the night is not so cold.
Weijing is considered to be Guizhou¡¯s Tibet for its high plateau.
Stay overnight in Weining


D9. Weining

You will take a taxi from your hotel to Grass Lake for bird seeing. The reason you come to Weining is to see the bird- Black-neck crane that is said fly over from Siberia to this lake for winter, therewill be roughly a hundred of this special bird that you can see here, some other birds could be your interest as well. We warmly recommend you go there quite early in the morning for a better photo chance, and quite few people come to disturb the nice view in front of your camera.

After we visit Caohai, and have lunch in Weining, we will take a train to Liupanshui and transfer another one to Anshun.

Stay overnight in Anshun

D10 Anshun

Visit Longgong cave(Dragon Palace) in the morning, and other stone villages.

Stay overnight in Anshun


D11. Anshun-Huangguoshu

Take a bus to Huangguoshu, and visit Huangguoshu waterfalls and Tianxing scenic spots.

Stay overnight in Huangguoshu


D12 Huangguoshu-Guiyang, take a bus to Guiyang, and have city sightseeing, shopping ,
Qianling Park, bird and flower market.
Stay overnight in Guiyang

D13 Leave Guiyang

Note: This tour is highly recommended in December if you want to visit the birds in Grass Lake. Of course, it can be made shorter or longer, according to  your time and your interest.

More pictures we took in our last trip:

The picture below is a soccer court in Shimen, which is being used at present.

This little girl below was left alone by her parents who were working in far cities. So the girl had to stay with her grandma. This often happens in China today. Parents have no choices, but going ourside, leaving aged people and little kids at home.

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