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Guizhou Highlights Tour
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Fanjingshan is super popular for the distinctive mountain peaks and rocks with out-of-the-way appearances from remote era and the high statue as the No.5 Buddhist Mountain in China.

This 7 days tour takes you to discover all the best highlights of villages and Fanjingshan with a wonderful exploration of paper making in Shiqiao to catch its essences of culture and nature.

You will visit the top famous Zhenyuan Old Town to know about the military and literal history of Guizhou and admire the well-kept ancient structures from more than 600 years ago. Moreover, you are going to appreciate the awesome grand Huangguoshu Waterfall to be shocked by its magnificent pouring and roaring, have memorable fun with a novel boating discovery of the fantastic underground Karst cave of multiple dazzling natural wonders at the reputed Dragon Palace. Furthermore, you will spend a challenging but worthy hiking day to Fanjingshan to have the panorama of its vast mountain with the favored mushroom-like stone, pagoda-like peaks, etc. from 1.4 billion years ago from the ocean and feel intensely the Buddhist culture as the place of enlightenment of Maitreya Buddha.

Day 1 Guilin or other cities/ Congjiang  /  Zhaoxing (B,  L  )

After arrival at Congjiang Railway Station, you will be welcomed by local tour guide and driver and escorted to visit Zhaoxing Dong Village, the biggest and oldest Dong village. It is located in Liping county in southeastern Guizhou. The China National Geography listed it as one of the China’s Six Most Beautiful Villages and Towns in 2005. The village has five spectacular Drum Towers to host special events and ceremonies and five Wind & Rain Bridges to cross rivers. Towers and Wind & Rain Bridge are very stylish and beautiful.

Accommodations:  Indigo Lodge Zhaoxing 4-star or other same level hotel

Add: Near Zhaoxing Dong Nationality Chorus Showground Liping China

Day 2 Zhaoxing  /  Rongjiang(B,  L)

Basha Miao Village is like a hidden kingdom occupied by the legendary Basha Miao people. It is famous as the Last Gunmen’s Tribe in China. Untouched by modernizations, the villagers still live in the wooden houses. Diaojiaolou is the most famous buildings there which are built on wooden stakes and covered with barks. The most interesting thing in the village is that the Basha boys can’t cut their hairs until they are 18 years old when they will hold an adult ceremony – shaving hairs with a sickle. As guests, you will be welcomed by dancing & singing performance and rice wine.

Next is a visit to Zhanli Dong Village to admire Dong Minority’s culture.

Accommodations:  Shangpin International

Add: No.5 Dongbinjiang Avenue Rongjiang China

Day 3 Rongjiang  /  Kaili(B,  L   )

Shiqiao Miao Village - In Shiqiao, you’ll see the old people still keep their old tradition of making special paper with trees’ bark by hand, which could be dated back to 700 years ago in Guizhou.

the Upper Langde Miao Village , also known as  the Long Skirt Miao and Chinese Folk Art Village, is 30 km away from Kaili. You can appreciate the special Miao wooden stilted buildings , feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Miao people and enjoy colorful Lusheng singing and dancing performed by the local villagers there. Accommodate at Kaili City.

Accommodations:  Tenglong Holiday Inn 4-star

Add: No.8 Ningbo East Road Kaili China

Day 4  Kaili  /  Zhenyuan (B,  L   )

After breakfast, you will take a visit to Matang Gejia Village which is famous for its brilliant skills of making batiks and embroidery which are listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage. The buildings and custom there are also very original. Gejia group living in the village is not listed in the 55 minority groups in China just because of their tiny population.

Then go to Feiyunya temple on the way to Zhenyuan. Feiyunya temple has a long history of 500 years.

Finally you will be transferred to Zhenyuan. In the evening you can take a leisure walk in Zhenyuan Ancient Town.

Accommodations:  Fucheng Hotel

Add: Xinglong Street (Xinglong Jie) Zhenyuan China

Day 5 Zhenyuan  /  Jiangkou(B,  L)

Qinglong Cave(Black Dragon Cave) located at the foot of Zhonghe Mountain and along the banks of Wuyang River. Actually, Qinglong Cave is not just a cave but with six groups of buildings including multi-storied pavilions, temples, shrines, palaces. Visitors could not only view natural scenery but also appreciate the architecture art. Enjoy yourselves in the culture museum of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

In the afternoon, head for Wuyang River Scenic Area where you can take a boat to admire the mountains along the river.

Accommodations:  Fanxing Hotel (Guizhou Mount Fanjing Jiangkou)

Add: Near No.508 Road, Mowan Village Jiangkou China

Day 6 Jiangkou  /  Tongren (B )

Today you will be taken to Fanjing Mountain. You will take the South Route to ascend the mountain. First take park bus from the tourist center to Yu'ao Station where you will take a cable car up to the mountain top area, which will save you a lot of time for you to spend on the highlighting area.

What to see at Fanjingshan

Located in Tongren, Guizhou province (southwest China), Fanjingshan is the highest peak of Wuling Mountains, 2,570m (8,430ft) above sea level. Besides standing out as a sacred Maitreya mountain for Buddhists, Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was also established and designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and later announced as a World Heritage Site in 2018.

Red Cloud Golden Summit, a thumb-like peak, is described by UNESCO as an "island of metamorphic rock in a sea of karst", believed to have been formed somewhere between 2 million and 65 million years ago. For everyone else, one of the main appeals of visiting Fanjingshan is the stunning views from the summit.

Mushroom Stone is the landmark of Fanjingshan. Big on the top and small at the bottom, it is vividly formed like a mushroom. For more than one billion years , it has been standing there still and hit by the rainstorms, summer heat and winter snow year after year, which is the essence of what Buddhism says about "Remain unbiased" in every circumstance.

Old Golden Summit, with an elevation of 2,494 metres, is the highest scenic site of Fanjingshan. On the top of Old Golden Summit is a temple dedicated to Buddha Dipamkara which is as well as the best place to take some panoramic photos of Fanjingshan.

Cheng En Temple, located between the two summits with scarlet walls and black tiles, is the main building of Fanjingshan Temple Group and one of the four Royal temples in Fanjingshan which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368AD-1644AD).

After the fantastic sightseeing, drive to Tongren City for accommodation.

Accommodations:  Jin Jiang Hotel 4-star

Add: No.21 Jinjiang North Road Tongren China

Day 7 Tongren (B)  

Today is free until your tour guide and driver escort you to catch your train/flight to next destination. Currently you can easily transfer to some major cities in China, such as Xian, Hangzhou, Beijing, etc., by flights or bullet trains. If you want to get back to Guiyang to catch flight or train to other destination, we can also escort you to the airport or railway stations.

Service ends.  

Quotation: RMB 9,800/person (for a group of 2 pax)


1.An English speaking guide;

2.Meals listed in the program above;

3.Hotels (6 nights);

4.A private car with 5-7 seats, with a driver;

5.Entrance cost in the trip;

6.Unlimited drinking water

Not Included;

1.Train tickets;

2.Meals that not listed in the program;


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