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Birds Watching Tour
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Itinerary One:

D1 Arrive in Guiyang and drive to Bijie.

D2 Drive to Weining via Hezhang, bird watching at Caohai.

D3 Bird watching at Caohai.

D4 Bird watching at Caohai.

D5.Drive to Guiyang and leave,tour ends.

Itinerary Two:

Day 1: Fly to Guiyang, capital of rural Guizhou province. Night in Guiyang.

Day 2: This morning we'll drive west from Guiyang through some truly dramatic karst scenery to Liupanshui, a small town in the west of remote Guizhou province. Continuing west and passing through a number of vibrant ethnic minority settlements where the villagers still dress in colorful traditional costume, we'll surmount a spectacular 3000 meter pass, before descending to Caohai. We expect to arrive at Weining, our base for much of the following three days, by the early afternoon. Well spend the late afternoon birding around Caohai. Literally meaning "Sea of Grass", Caohai is a shallow, upland lake and the haunt of the world's largest known wintering flock of the endangered Black-necked Crane. The cranes are approachable, making for great viewing and good photographic opportunities. There will also be Common Cranes and Bar-headed Geese in the fields, while among the wintering ducks on the lake we can expect good numbers of Ferruginous Pochard with both Red-crested and Baer's Pochard also occasionally being seen. Raptors are likely to include White-tailed, Imperial and Steppe Eagles, while flocks of Yellow-throated Buntings frequent the hedges and both Grey-capped and Black-headed Greenfinches feed in the rice stubble. Night at Weining.

Day 3: After a final morning again around Caohai we'll return to Liupanshui before taking a comfortable overnight sleeper train south to Kunming, the charming ancient capital of Yunnan.


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