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Minority Embroidery Exploring Tour
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D1. Arrive in Guiyang and drive to Kaili. Stay overnight in Kaili.

D2. Visiting Nanhua and Matang Miao villages around Kaili.
D3. Drive to Fanpai and see the famous so-called Oriental Disco dance with wooden drum.
    Stay in the Hotel at the hot spring near Jianhe.

D4. Visiting the Red-embroidery Miao at Wubao of Jianhe County.

D5. Visiting Raohao, the unique Tin-embroidery Miao village.
    Some rural market around Jianhe.
D6.Drive to Zhenyuan via Shidong, visiting the famous Miao silversmith and the pile-thread embroidery village.

D7.Visiting the old building group in Zhenyuan. Cruise in Wuyang River and then drive to Chong’an, Visiting the old water mills been still using in Chong’An.

D8.Drive to Wangba and Maoping to visit the Gejia and Miao, to see they make batik and dyeing cloth.

D9.Drive to Kaili and visit Wengxiang Miao village to see the folded embroidery and back to Kaili.

D10. Drive to Sandu and visit the village of Sui nationality, which is famous for the horsetail embroidery.
D11.Visit Yangweng Miao village. It is so call Hundred-bird Miao with special silk felt embroidery.

D12.Drive back to Guiyang and have the dinner at the Hongfusi Temple with vegetarian.

D13.Fly back to Beijing, free in the afternoon.

D14. Arriving home.                

Note:The itinerary can be contrary arrangement.  It can also be changed with the tourists’ requirement. There are festivals in different seasons.

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