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Rhododendrons Research Tour
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Itinerary One:

D00  Leave home by air plane

D01   Arrive in Chengdu  (L.D.)      
      In the afternoon visit Sichuan University Museum and Sichuan Art Museum in Chengdu

      Stay at Yinhe Dynasty Hotel Chengdu

D02   Chengdu-Meishan-Danlin-Hongya- Wawu Shan  (B.L.D.)

      Stops at interesting spots along the road.

      Stay at Gong Tong Hotel  

D03  Wawu Shan  (B.L.D.)
Search for Rhododendrons in the largest National primeval Park at Wawu Shan.
Stay at Gong Tong Hotel  

D04  WaWu Shan-Ya’an  (B.L.D.)

      Visit villages or nice panorama’s along the road.

      Stay overnight in Moon Star Hotel  

D05   Ya’an  (B.L.D.)

      In Ya’an visit the Panda park in Bifengxia,and than to Shangli ancient town.
Stay overnight in Moon Star Hotel  

D06  Ya’an-Rilong (Mt. Four Girls)  (B.L.D.)

      En route visit Yaoji Tibetan villages, en drive across Jiajin Shan Mt.

      Stay at Jinlun Hotel or Siguniang hostel  

D07  Rilong-Rilongguan  (B.L.D.)

      Visit Shuanqiao and Haizi valley, if possible drive to Balang Shan Pass and return to Rilong.

      Stay at Rilong hostel  

D08  Rilong-Danba  (B.L.D.)

      See Suopo, one of the most beautiful villages near the Holy Mt. Muerdo Shan.
Visit Tibetian residential houses and watchtower, and Old Qiang Fortresses near Danba.  Stay in Danba hotel  

D09  Danba-Bamei  (B.L.D.)
Visit Jiaju near Danba (selected as most beautiful village by National Geografic) and Pasture Donggu,
     Natural bonsai scenery area

     Stay at Golden Sun Hotel.

D10   Bamei-Xinduqiao  (B.L.D.)

      Go to Tagong Pasture, and visit Tagong Monastry.

      Arrive in Xinbuqiao, paradise for photographing

      Stay in Kangzhu Hotel

D11   Xinduqiao-Kanding  (B.L.D.)

      Drive across Mt.Zheduo, and visit Mugecuo Lake near Kanding.

      Stay at Kanding Hotel

D12   Kanding-Hailuogou  (No.2 camp base)(B.L.D.)

      Drive via Luding Bridge, and stops at scenic spots, to Hailuogou .

      Then take the 1 hour bus to the No.2 camp of the Hailuo Bingchuan Park.

      Stay overnight in Erhaoyingdi Hotel

D13  Hailuogou  (B.L.D.)

      Visit Hailuo Bingchuan Park by a cable car. Hailuo Glacier Park and Hai Luo Gou

      National Park.

      Stay in Erhaoyingdi Hotel

D14   Hailuogou-Shimian  (B.L.D.)

      Stop along the road when we see interesting views, flowers, people or villages.

      Overnight in Shimian Hotel

D15  Shimian-Xichang  (B.L.D.)

      If possible visit Xichang Satellite Launch Centre.

      Take a look at Torch Square Arts Centre, and visit a local workshop for lacquer works.

      Stay at Mingren Hotel

D16   Xichang-Luoji Shan  (B.L.D.)

Take a zigzag road to the foot of Mt.Jiluo.
Take cable transfer up hill, and hopefully see some Rhododendrons in bloom.

Stay overnight at Black Dragon Pool Inn

D17   Luoji Shan-Xichang  (B.L.D.)

      Back to Xichang, and see more of Xichang and surrounding.

      Visit Lake Qionghai and local fishing villages.

      Stay at Mingren Hotel

D18   Xichang-Meigu  (B.L.D.)

Drive to Meigu with stops by scenic panorama’s and villages along the road.

          Stay at Fulong Hotel

D19   Meigu-Heizhugou National Forest Park  (B.L.D.)

      On route pass-by Dafending Natural Reserve to see the Rhododendrons again.

      Stay overnight in the wooden cottages at the park (we visited them last year)

D20  Heizhugou National Forest Park-Mount. E'Mei  (B.L.D.)

      Search for Rhododendrons

      Stay overnight in E'Mei

D21   Mount.E' Mei -Chengdu  (B.L.D.)

      Drive back to Chengdu.

      Overnight in Yinhe Dynasty Hotel

D22   Chengdu-Amsterdam (B.)

      Drive to the airport for the return flight   KL 0892  Dep. 10.30  Chengdu

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