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China Rhododendron Study Tour
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D01 Chengdu - Kunming  arr.  

Upon arrival at the Chengdu International Airport take connecting flight to Kunming.

Arrive at Chengdu airport, we transfer another flight for Kunming.

Overnight in Kunming


D02 Kunming  

Visit the Westside of Dianchi Lake, Dragon Gate Cave, Xiushan mountain with traditional temples and pavilions and Jiuxiang scenic area.  

Overnight in Kunming

D03 Kunming - Jiao Zi Shan Nature Reserve.

After breakfast, 3.5 hours’ drive to Jiaozi Snow Mountain(4117meters); on the way, experiencing Yi and Miao cultures.      Accommodation at Xiapingzi Huaxi caolu hotel(3500 meters)

D04 Jiao Zi Shan Nature Reserve

Whole-day photographing around Jiaozi Snow Mountain, including Laohei Virgin Forest, and the            

Heaven Lake at 4100 meters altitude. It is the highest lake in central Yunnan Province, also the source of the rivers in Luquan County.

In spring, there are lots of Rhododendron flowers which fall to the lake surface and transform it into a wonderful flower lake.    

Accommodation at Xiapingzi Huaxi caolu hotel

D05 Jiao Zi Shan - Red Earth - Dongchuan    

About 4-6 hours’ drive.Drive to Dongchuan District, enjoy the Red Soil Area. Luoxia Valley is considered to be the most magnificent red land in   the world. It is the most massive red land with typical features of Yunnan highland plateau. According to local villagers, the scenery is the most beautiful on the third day after rainfall,because then the land is saturated with water, which in turn saturates its colors. The locations are too small to have a name. Locals simply call it 109, 110... the number on the kilometer marker along the road. 109 is almost the highest point on the road, which branches here to another small hamlet. From all around location 109 glorious vistas stretch to Guizhou and Sichuan. Stay overnight in Dongchuan at Dongchuan hotel.  

D06 Dongchuan – Qiaojia-Ningnan

After breakfast drive about four hours to Qioajia. On the way, enjoy minority cultures, stop at scenic spots and local markets.A newly named rhododendron species R.qiaojiaense, similar to R.decorum, is described from the area.

Stay overnight in Qiaojia or Ningnan

D07 Ningnan - Puge - Xichang    

After breakfast, about four hours drive to Xichang. On the way, enjoy minority cultures, stop at scenic spots and local markets. Visit lacquer ware factory in Xichang in the afternoon.  

D08 Xichang - Luoji Shan - Xichang

A visit two weeks earlier than our 2010 vist to Luoji Shan will hopefully show us different species of rhododendrons in flower.

Stay overnight at Minren hotel

D09 Xichang - Huili

On the way, stop at cultural activities, scenic spots and local markets.

Stay overnight in Huili at Yingzhouyuan hotel (4 stars)

D10 Huili - Longzhou Shan (3585 m.) - Huili    

After 3.5 hours’ drive we arrive the top of Mt.Longzhou Shan, and try to find a glimpse of the following species, hopefully in bloom:

    毛肋杜鹃 R.augustinii 会理 Huili

    锈红杜鹃 R.bureavii 会理 Huili  

    卷毛杜鹃 R.circinnatum 会理 Huili

    秀雅杜鹃 R.concinnum 会理 Huili

    大王杜鹃 R.rex 会理 Huili

    红棕杜鹃 R.rubiginosum 会理 Huili

Stay overnight in Huili

D11 Huili - Panzhihua - Yumenzhen

On the way, stop at cultural activities, scenic spots and local markets. Visit the landscapes on the way.

Stay overnight in Huxin Holiday Hotel

D12 Yumenzhen - Ze Mulong (Cuckoo) - Yumenzhen  

Visit the rhododendron area near ZeMulong, See species like R.spinuliferum, R.microphytum, R.delavayi, R.rex fictolacteum and a high altitude form of R.decorum.The azalea is called Suoma flower in Yi language.

Stay overnight in Huxin Holiday Hotel

D13 Yumenzhen - Yankou (Cuckoo) and/or Gesala

See species like low altitude R,decorum, R.racemosum and R.nitidulum. Stay overnight in Huxinjiari holiday hotel(4 star)

D14 Gesala - Lugu Lake  (2688 m.)

Drive in about 4 hours to Lugu Lake, allow for stops at cultural,scenic and/or botanical locations. Visit some Mosuo family and enjoy Mosuo dancing in the evening.

Stay overnight near Lugu Lake

D15  Lugu Lake    

Visit one of the isles on the lake, enjoy scenic spots around the lake end search for rhododendrons. Drive to the nearby high hills to look for rhododendrons. Stay overnight near Lugu lake.

D16 Lugu Lake - Lijiang

After breakfast drive to Lijiang by car (6h), hard but a very scenic road, stop at Ninglang town for lunch, a Yi people's county.                   We will explore rhododendrons on the way to Lijiang.

Stay overnight in Lijiang at Zen garden hotel

D17 Lijiang

Visit Wenhai villages to see Naxi and Yi minority villages. Enjoy wildflowers on the Wenhay Lake and mountains around.      Visit the Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute 12 Km north of Lijiang.

Stay overnight in Lijiang at Zen garden hotel

D18 Lijiang - Laojun Shan - Shaxi Old Town

Drive in about 3 to 4 hours to the 99 Dragon Ponds area on Laojun Shan. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in spring and summer.

Rhododendron trees come into bloom everywhere.

Stay overnight in Shaxi at Laomadian hotel

D19 Shaxi Old Town

Visit Shaxi Old Town and the famous Friday market,Visit Shiboa Shan with the Baoxing and Shizong Temples.

Stay in Shaxi Laomadian hotel

D20 Dali - TV tower area - Dali

Drive up to the TV and communications tower.

Enjoy many species of rhododendrons, such as R.neriiflorum, R.decorum, the yellow R.brachyanthum and possibly R.sinogrande. If time permits take chairlift to temple and hope to find R.crassum, R.podocarpum and other species.

Stay overnight at JIM’s Tibetan Hotel    

D21 Dali - Kunming (5 hours)

Drive in about 4 to 5 hours to Kunming.

Visit an antique market in Kunming.

Stay at New Era Hotel in Kunming (4 stars)

D22 Kunming – Chengdu

Visit the Yuantong Temple north of Kunming and the Qiongzhu Si bamboo temple with pottery statues from the fifteens’ century.     Take a late afternoon flight to Chengdu. Another guide and driver will pick you up and transfer to hotel.

Stay overnight in Yinhe Hotel (4 stars)

D23 Chengdu - Amsterdam  

After breakfast transfer to the Chengdu International Airport for departure.

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