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Colorful Guizhou Discovery Tour(12 Days)
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Guizhou,  the most colourful place in China

The hometown of Minority group Music and dance

The variety custom and construction of Multi- Minority group

The amazing landscape of Karst Landform and natural wonders

The largest waterfall in China--Huangguoshu Waterfall

The largest Miao people’s village in the world-Xijiang Qianhu Miao village

(If you do not want to visit Xijiang, we can visit other remote and amazing Miao village. We adjust the itinerary to meet our guests' interest. )

D1:Arrival in Guiyang by air or bullet train          

Transfer to Guiyang city.

Overnight in Guiyang

D2:Guiyang-Kaili-Xijiang               Overnight at Xijiang Miao Guest house

Visit Jiaxiu Pavilion ancient architecture in the morning, the land-mark of Guiyang city.It was built in the Ming dynasty (1598), as a Fengshui building of education. Drive about 2.5 hours to Kaili city to visit the Qiandongnan Minorities Museum. It is helpful for  

tourists to get information of minorities in this area before they are visiting the villages. After lunch, drive 1 hour to Xijiang Miao village. Xijiang, the biggest Miao village in China, with a calling of more than thousand households, locates in a river-valley by the LeigongMountains, is the best place to learn Miao culture and history.

D3 : Xijiang-Zhenyuan                  Overnight in Zhenyuan town

Drive about 1 hour to Langde Miao village,Tourists to Langde Shang village will be welcomed by the twelve courses of "block-the-way" rice wine ended up with firecrackers and sweet Miao folk songs. This is a traditional Miao welcome ceremony to their honored guests and the most ceremonious etiquette in Miao villages.

Then drive about 2 hours to Zhenyuan ancient town, with a history of more than 2000 years from the Han dynasty. This town is surrounded by mountains and the Wuyang river goes through in the middle with a line of S, so it is called as a Taichi town. Most of the old gates and walls were built in the Ming dynasty and many old family houses are well preserved. In the afternoon take a cruise trip on the Wuyang River which has similar scenery to the Three gorges of Yangtze River and the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. A peacock rock is the most famous scenic spot.

D4:Zhenyuan-Fanjingshan             Overnight in Jiangkou town

Visit the Black Dragon Cave, which is a group ancient architectures of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Drive about 2.5 hours to Fanjingshan. After lunch, take the cable-car up to the top of Fanjing Mountains, Jinding (Golden peak temple), known as the ashram of Smiling Buddha (Maitreya).

D5:Jiangkou-Zhaoxing                 Overnight at Zhaoxing Dong Guesthouse

About 5 hours driving from Jiangkou to Zhaoxing, the biggest Dong minority village,lies in the southeast of Guizhou, is honored as “one of the most beautiful villages in China”. Architectures (drum towers and roofed-bridges) and customs in good keep, a performance of Dong songs and dancing is the highlight for tourists every evening.

D6:Zhaoxing-Jiabang-Rongjiang        Overnight in Rongjiang

Drive about 3 hours from Zhaoxing to Jiabang Terraces, the most famous and beautiful area of rice paddy fields in Guizhou. Visit Jiaju Miao village. Then drive another 3 hours to Rongjiang town. Visit a local market.

D7:Rongjiang-Libo                     Overnight in Libo town

Drive about 2 hours to Libo, visit Daqikong and Xiaoqikong National Parks. As a part of the Southern China Karstic Landform World Heritage, these two places have gorgeous view and amazing sceneries around.

D8:Libo-Sandu-Danzhai            Overnight in Danzhai town

Drive about 2.5 hours to visit the Shiqiao Miao village of paper-making, pass by the Gaoyao Terraces.then drive 1 hour to Danzhai town and visit Wanda town.

D9:Danzhai-Qingyan-Guiyang          Overnight in Guiyang

Drive 2.5 hours to Qingyan ancient town, which was built from Ming dynasty (14th century), as a military fortress on ancient Chinese post road. There are many old houses in this town and people can visit different buildings of religions, like Buddhist and Taoist temples, Catholic and Protestant churches.Visit the Tianhetan National Park in the afternoon and drive to Guiyang city.

D10:Guiyang-Huangguoshu-Anshun       Overnight in Anshun

Drive about 2 hours to Huangguoshu National Park, which is a big area, besides the Huangguoshu Waterfall, also visit Doupotang Waterfall and Tianxingqiao.

D11:Anshun-Longgong-Yunfeng-Zhijin            Overnight in Zhijin

Visit the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area.(elevator up and down, boat include)

it is famous for over 90 fabulous caves and uncountable amazing waterfalls inside. When you enter in those various caves, you will feel like that you are going to visit the palace for Dragon King living under the water in Chinese tales and myths. It is also why it is named Dragon Palace. With its grotesque structure, the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area presents colorful scenery of underground wind tunnel which can be toured by boat.

Then transfer to visit Yunfeng tunpu, a military settlement built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

On a walking tour, you will find yourself stepping into a “stone city”, full of historically old stone houses, watchtowers, flagstone lanes, etc. Despite the changing of dynasties, people here still retain Ming-era lifestyle, clothing and traditions.


Drive about 2.5 hours to Zhijin Cave, the most beautiful limestone cave in China.

Leave Guiyang. The trip ends.

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