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Five Days Tour: Zhenyuan, Kaili, Zhaoxing
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Day 01  Pick-up in Zhenyuan/Kaili

Visit the following places in Zhenyuan: Sifangjing Alley, Qinglong Dong, Tianhou Temple, Miaojiang Great Wall, Zhusheng Bridge, City Walls. Around 4:00 PM, transfer to Kaili, Guizhou province.

Arrival around 6:00 PM and check-in at pre-booked hotel.

Overnight in Kaili, Guizhou province.

Day 02 Kaili/Langde/Wudong/Matang

Visit a morning market in Kaili and drive to Langde Miao village in the morning.  Overnight in Kaili, Guizhou province. We visit Matang village in the afternoon. We can visit some farmer houses in Matang.

Overnight in Kaili

Day 03 Kaili/Shiqiao/Rongjiang

We drive to Shiqiao in the morning for paper making visit. Take a look at a local school near Shiqiao. We can visit some farmer houses. On the way from Shiqiao to Rongjiang we will visit Zenlei Shui village and Baibei Miao village.

Overnight in Rongjiang

Day 04 Rongjiang/Zhaoxing

Pick up and visit the market in Rongjiang before we drive to Basha. After Basha Miao village visit, we move on to Bapa and Huanggang Dong village, which is thought to be  one of the most interesting and traditional Dong villages. Around 5 PM, transfer to Zhaoxingxiang, Guizhou province (one hour). Check in at pre-booked hotel.

Overnight in Zhaoxingxiang, Guizhou province.

Day 05 Zhaoxing/Tang’an/Congjiang

Pick up and visit Zhaoxingxiang Dong village. Drive to Tang’an Dong village, and take a hike(2 hours) from Tang’an to Zhaoxing, passing through Xiage Dong village and the terraced paddy fields. At 4:30 PM, transfer to other cities.

Our Guizhou trip ends.

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