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Nine Days Highlights in Guizhou
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D01 Shanghai-Guiyang airport-Your hotel ANANTARA Guiyang Resort(40minutes)
Pick you up at Guiyang airport, and transfer to the hotel.

If your time permits, you can visit ancient town Qingyan.
Overnight at ANANTARA Guiyang Resort

D02 ANANTARA –Huangguoshu hotel- ANANTARA (4hour’s drive for round trip today )
Visit Huangguoshu waterfalls(Doupo Tang waterfalls, Tianxingqiao scenic spot, and grand waterfalls), we spend 5 hours in Huangguoshu waterfalls.
Huangguoshu waterfalls is a famous site in Guizhou, since the waterfalls is the grandest one in Asia.
Overnight at ANANTARA Guiyang Resort

D03 ANANTARA Guiyang Resort-Zhaoxing
We take a long drive of 3 hours to Zhaoxing, visit Huanggang Dong village on the way.
Zhaoxing is the biggest Dong community in China, with 1000 households and 6000 habitants.  Dong is a special group who are good at singing and live near the river, their culture is called river culture, everything of their culture is related to water. Enjoy the night view of Zhaoxing and the Dong Chorus. Dong people are good at singing, they often say the rice fills into their stomachs, while the songs fill into their hearts.
Overnight at DongShang hotel

D04 Zhaoxing
Take a car to Tang’an Dong village, it takes us only 20 minutes to drive to Tang’an from Zhaoxing. And hike down the hills of terraced paddy fields to Zhaoxing, it takes us 2 hours. Relax in the village in the afternoon.
Overnight in Zhaoxing

D05 Zhaoxing-Zhenyuan(3.5 hours’ drive)
Zhenyuan town has a long history of 2,000 years. The town is split by Wuyang river into two parts.
It looks like a symbol of Taoism: Yin and Yang, from which Zhenyuan wins a different name of Taoism town.
Overnight in Zhenyuan

D06 Zhenyuan Town
Visit the old alleys of Zhenyuan, Complex of Black Dragon Cave buildings and hike to the high hill Shiping to have a bird view of Zhenyuan town. Walk along the ruins of old walls on high hills which ever protected Zhenyuan town in the long history.
Overnight in Zhenyuan

D07 Zhenyuan town-Kaili
Visit Wuyang river by cruise(1.5 hours), and visit Flying Cloud cliff Temple, it used to be a post house but also a temple. They have a long history of 600 years.
Overnight at Kaili Grand Metro Park Heaven-sent Resort

D08 Kaili
Visit the festival in Miao village Kaitang and visit other villages (Langde village) today.
Langde is a village opened to outsiders quite early, but local people still wear their traditional clothes daily. Wudong is a village located on Mountain Leigong. The local people make a living on planting tea trees.
Overnight at Kaili Grand Metro Park Heaven-sent Resort

D09 Kaili-Guiyang airport
After we send you to Guiyang airport, the trip ends.

If your time permits this morning, you can visit Xiasi town before you drive to Guiyang airport.

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