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Tiaohua Festival in Suoga
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In Suoga township, 50 kilometers from Liuzhi, there is a Miao group show their own well preserved tribal customs and lifestyle. There are about 4,600 people in the area, consisting of over 700 families in several villages. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of these people is the distinctive hairstyles of the women who wear two 60 centimetre long combs, one on either side of the head, supporting their long hair, wound in coils around their heads. The hair can grow to weigh about three kilos, which is a lot to carry, so they have a very elegant movement when they walk. Single girls usually wear flowers together with the hair ornaments, signalling their unmarried status to attract the boys. They also wear superb bronze necklaces, fastened at the front with exquisitely embroidered handkerchiefs, showing their embroidery skills and the wealth of their family; the more necklaces, the richer her family. The girls wear a semi-circular sheepskin apron, evolved from the original primitive bark covering to become an ornamental part of the traditional ceremonial dress, with two handkerchiefs attached, these to be given to their favoured boy as a token of their affection.                

On the tenth day of the first lunar month,  the villagers get gather to celebrate their traditional courting ritual, the Tiaohua Festival, also known as the Flower Dance festival.  Lots of lanterns hang high, coloured flags flutter about and the floral decorations are magnificent. All wear splendid traditional attire for the occasion, and both men and women play the reed instruments, the Lusheng, the Suona horn and beat copper drums and sing and dance traditional songs and dances. Girls in love accept the flower umbrellas given by the boys. The festival atmosphere is filled with sincere friendship and pure love.                




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