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Sisters Meal Festival
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Sisters Meal festival happens in the villages around Taijiang county on the 15th day of the third lunar month. It originally started in Laotun village. Why and how did the festival happen? Many people are curious about this. This could be dated back to many years ago, but we do not know in which year it started. The old people ever told us that, long time ago, in a village of Laotun, there were more than 20 girls who did not have a boyfriend yet. Their village was isolated, and hard to be visited by the young men of other villages. The girls' parents worried about their daughters' future, so did the girls. Because in the Miao villages, a 22-year old single girl could be called "too old and hard to find a husband". Therefore, their parents tried to arrange a party and invite the young men of other villages to join, so the "old girls" could find boyfriend. Before the party, their parents went to a market in Shidong which happens every 6 days(until today) to announce the party's date: the 15th day of the 3rd lunar month.  After the first party, most of them found boyfriends. If some of them did not get yet, they could wait for next party's coming. Year by year, this party becomes a festival for young people to get to know each other. Since this festival happens in the spring, the young people can fall in love in the autumn, and the young men will help their girlfriends' parents harvest the rice in paddy fields. Most young people get married in the Spring, and get a baby in the autumn. Spring is the beginning of the year, symbolizing they sow seeds in the spring, and havest in the Autumn. What's more, people did not have a refrigerator,the cooling weather is a good way to protect the food of wedding. Today, this festival not only happens in Laotun, but also in Shidong and other Miao villages.

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