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Shui Groups in Southeast Guizhou
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Shui is one of the 55 minority groups in China, with a population of 300,000. They migrated into Guizhou from the lower reaches or Yangtze River many years ago. Different from some other minority groups, Shui people have their own written language. This group in southeast Guizhou are distributed in  Rongjiang, Congjiang, Liping and so on. Some of them live in south Guizhou as well, who are distributed in Libo, Duyun, and Dushan. And a few of them live in West Guangxi province. Shui means water in Chinese. Shui culture is similar to Dong's, it is also water culture, or river culture. Shui people often live on both sides of the rivers or streams.
Special things in Shui Region: Batik, horse hair embroidery(baby carriers)














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