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Miao Groups in Southeast Guizhou
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The Miao, or Hmong as they prefer to be called, are thought to have migrated 4000 years ago from an area north of the Yellow River to South Yangze River, and migrated into Guizhou 2000 years ago. During the course of their migrations the Miao diversified into subgroups, known as Black Miao, Red Miao, White Miao, Long-Horned Miao, and Flower Miao, after their style of dress. This is, however, largely a Han classification and few Miao use these names among themselves. In order to make these subgroups clear, we name them according to the regions where they are living today, and put their pictures on this web page.
Many Miao continued their migration beyond China, into Laos, Thailand and Vietnam where they are known as the Hmong(or Mong). The Miao have a reputation as independent-minded and rebellious highlanders. Many Miao joined the armed uprising against the Qing government, from 1840 to 1870, which became known as the Miao Rebellion. Numerous Lao hmong worked covertly for the US government during the American(Vietnam) War and settled in the USA after the fall of Saigon.
Miao women  are famous for their embroidery and silver jewellery, with each subgroup employing unique styles. An their unique styles often tell people which village or region they come from, it is a special way to find their own people. At festival time, Miao women wear stunning silver jewellery, often piling on five or six neck rings, as well as chains, corns, chest locks and multiple headdresses.

Baidao Style

Pingyong Style

Gaopang Style

Basha Style

Gundong Style

Jiamian Style

Jiaoxia Style

Liangwang Style

Liufu Style

Liuhe Style

Ma'an Style

Pangzhe Style

Qiaogang Style

Rongzui Style

Shuikou Style

Taigong Style

Wuya Style

Xijiang Style

Yahui Style

Yangwu Style

Zhaitou Style

Zhouxi Style

Cengang Style

Baibei Style

Shidong Style

Gong'e Style

Cenzui  Style

Fanzhao Style

Fuxing Style

Gaowen Style

Gedong Style

Gulong Style

Jihua Style

Jiali Style

Jiuyang Style

Kaitang Style

Kongming Style

Nanshao Style

Dadong Style

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