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SW China Textile Market-Shidong Style Miao Emboidery Clothes
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The ethnic groups who live in Southwest China still persist in making and wearing traditional handmade embroidery clothes and skirts. But with the development of network era, the advancing weaving technology stream washes and flushes the local traditional handcrafts skills, some are vanishing and at least causes the changes of beauty standard on local Miao clothes from younger gererations.

The current festival clothes are some or quite different from the really traditional ones, although  the locals are still weaving and spinning, while the raw materials, dyes used differ from those used by the older generation.

On this page we show you the embroidery clothes which can be dated back to over the past 5 decates or one century ago. You can tell the difference between the old ones and the new ones.

If you are interested in the old clothes, we can sell them.

Shidong style clothes of Miao group based on Shidong town, but this group mainly live in Taijiang, Shibing, ZHenyuan and Jianhe coutnties. Most of them live on the upper reaches of river Qingshuijiang, their villages can be reached by boats since many years ago. They are good making silver ornaments, therefore, silver ornamants become the main decoration to their embroidery clothes. They use the most silver ornaments for decorating their embroidery clothes in festival time among all the Miao groups.

The texitles above displayed can be sold if the price is ok for the owners.

If you are interested in these embroidery clothes, please let us

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