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Grand Huangguoshu Waterfalls
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Main scenic areas and attractions in Huangguoshu Waterfalls

Named after a kind of common plant in the area Huangguoshu (黄果树, Huangguo Tree), the Huangguoshu Waterfall is the third largest waterfall in the world second to Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Consisting of 18 waterfalls of diversified styles stretching 20 kilometers, the whole Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area is magnificent with grand remarkable interlinked waterfalls, fantastic karst caves and underground lakes, and the superb beauty of ambient. It is a waterfall with a height of 77.8 meters and a width of 101 meters, of which the main waterfall is 67 meters high and 83.3 meters wide. Being a typical karst falls, the 5A national scenic area of Huangguoshu Waterfall present a amazing karst landscape with waterfall groups, a string of caves, overlapping steep peaks, dense vegetations, and countless stone forest, cliffs and gorges.

A locality inhabited by Bouyi and Miao people, Huangguoshu offers more with peculiar stone buildings, unique habits and customs and the famous ethnic batik.

Water Curtain Cave

Located at the height between 40 m and 47 m of the grand Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Water Curtain Cave is 134 m long with 6 windows, 5 halls, 3 vauclusian springs and 6 passageways. It provides an amazing experience to pass through the spectacular Huangguoshu Waterfall inside. Another wonder after traversing the cave can be appreciated in sunny days during day time is the dynamic colorful rainbow spanning over the Xiniu Pool (Rhinoceros Pool).

Doupo Tang Waterfalls:

Tianxing Scenic Area

A typical karst landform, Tianxing Scenic Area is 6 kilometers away from the grand Huangguoshu Waterfall in lower reaches. It is a featured area contains three parts, the natural bonsai area, the Tianxing Cave and Stone Forest on Water.

The natural bonsai area is a large stone forest. Here are kinds of natural hillstone bonsais, waterstone bonsais, large and small water basins and an overtopped dam. The twisty stone paths lead to diverse mini scenes. The Tianxing Cave is located on the bank of Maoshui Pool. Covering 18000 square meters, in the cave are multifarious picturesque peaks and rocks. The stone forest on water offers countless banyan bonsais, and among stones are flourishing cactus, low shrub, and kinds of flowering straws. A must of this area is a Beauty Banyan, which is composed by intertwined branches from a same banyan tree, the pattern of which resembles an upside down beauty after her bath.

Yinlianzhui Tan Waterfall (Silver Pendant Pool Waterfall)

Though not large in size and tall in height, The Yinlianzhui Waterfall is charming because of numerous silver-chain-shaped flows shrink to be one to reach the ground or rush to the river.

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