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Zhaoxing Dong village
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Zhaoxing is an old Dong village deeply hidden in the dense mountains. The ancient wooden architecture, century-old practices, the hospitable locals and the fertile terraced fields offer a welcome contrast to joyless, cemented modern cities. Zhaoxing has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records for its pure ethnic culture.   The village is clustered with wooden structures; culminating at the drum towers, the wind and rain bridges and its theater stages.

Situated in southeastern Guizhou, 72 kilometers (45 miles) from Liping County, Zhaoxing village (also called Zhaodong) is one of the largest Dong Minority villages in China. It lies in a basin surrounded by mountains where a small river passes through. Zhaoxing enjoys a critical and strategic geographical position, as one can reach Guilin and Liuzhou in Guangxi Province in the southeast through Sanjiang County; Tongdao, Jinzhou, and Huaihua of Hunan Province in the northeast through Hongzhou County; and Guiyang and Chongqin in the northwest through Kaili County.

In 2001, Zhaoxing Drum Towers and Dong village were both listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. A must for every traveler in Zhaoxing is enjoying a Dong drama, which plays on the stage near the Drum Tower.

Dong village in Zhaoxing has a long history. According to folk legend, the village was constructed in the fifth year of the Zhenglong Emperor of the Song Dynasty (1160). Ancestors of Zhaoxing village settled here some 840 years ago.

Special Features

Zhaoxing is the largest Dong ethnic community in China with 5 drum towers, and more than 800
households. The town has been little touched by modernization, and its villagers live in their old
timber-made houses, wear their traditional clothes and still practice their time-honored traditions.
A trip to Zhaoxing will offer a brief taste of this fascinating and isolated Dong community.


Drum Towers: The DrumTower is the symbol of the Dong minority people. There are five DrumTowers in Zhaoxing village. They were designed by local amateur architects.
The whole complex is supported by timbers, no nails or rivets are used at all in the construction.
The fact that all drum tower floors are odd-numbered is derived from the tradition in Dong
numerology that odd numbers are associated with good fortune and happiness.

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