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Fanpai Village near Taijiang
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Fanpai is one of the most oldest Miao villages with a history of more than 1,600 years. All villagers of 400 households belong to Miao group. Fanpai is located in the south of Leigong Mountain. Row upon row of Miao wooden houses are built on the hills and covered in green trees and bamboos.This village has simple but strong Miao ethnic customs and unique Miao songs and dances. There are four National Intangible Cultural Heritages in the village, they are Fanpai Wood-drum Dance, Miao Ancient Song, Multi-voice Love Song and Miao Costume.

Fanpai Miao New Years Festival, which is a lively affair, begins from the first Bull's day(each day is named with an animal, we use 12 animals to name the days, as well as the years respectively)  of the 10th lunar month each year(Usually at the end of November in western calendar).

Miao Guzang Festival or Nangjianglue in Miao language, is also known as ancestor worship Festival, which is a ritual of ancestor worship held by the clan. This festival is held every thirteen years and the festival  activities last 3 years.

Road condition:The existing road is being repaired and reconstructed, so it is suggested to go to Fanpai village via Hongyang village and Jiaogong village.

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