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Zhongdong Miao Village
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Zhongdong Miao village located in Ziyun county.When I fist sight this cave with a Miao village inside, I found my soul can connect it.It's so quiet and peaceful until one cock crowing from the cave can week me up and remind of its life.

In 1990s,Zhongdong Miao village was named as The Last Cave Tribe in Asia, and become wellknown. Different from other famous sites, Zhongdong does not change until today. No paved road to the village, in order to touch this village in cave, you still have to take a 30 minutes' walk in a sunny day while 1 hour in a rainy day from the end of a paved county road.

This cave is 215meters deep, 115meters wide and 50meters high, until today, there are still 18 households and 19 dwellers living here.Living as other cave dwellers, they get up eary when sun rises  and start working on fields among the hills and rest when sun sets. C'est la vie.

Standing in front of ths huge cave, I can feel the cave just looks like a big open eye of a hill; and its front high bamboos with long tails look like its pretty eyelash, which makes me feel that I am standing at an entrance of another world.

Mr.Luo, a local friend told me that there were ever many big animals appeared around the cave before 1950s, especially tigers; there were also monkeys and boars.

With the aid of local government and some kind of social, organizations, the power lines are set into the village, and locals started using electricity, and there was the first elementary school(it was moved out in 2009), some kids walked to this school from other near or far villages.

"Outside world changes so fast, while Zhongdong village in this cave still keeps almost the same." One farmer told me,"Young people do not want to come back after they touch the outside world, since the local men could hardly find a wife."

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