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Shiqiao Miao Village
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Located in the outskirt of Danzhai County Shiqiao Miao Village whose full name is Shiqiao Miao Village of Danzhai County used to be a setting for a famous movie called Close to the Sun that perceived the village as a romantic retreat with magical healing power. Shiqiao Miao Village with over 860 villagers from 200 households is famous for hand-made papers and products. The rapid development of technology driving ancient techniques of hand-made paper to be replaced by modern production and process did not happen in Shiqiao Miao Village. Villagers cling to earning their living by producing and selling hand-made papers and products.

According to the record, the technology of traditional hand-made paper in Shiqiao Miao Village has a history of more than 1,300 years. 600 years ago some Han Chinese came to Shiqiao with paper making technology for avoiding the wars. They lived here and married with local Miao women generation by generation, therefore,  Miao becomes their common language instead of Chinese. And they prefer calling themselves as Miao, because their grandmothers told them that's a good way. Shiqiao Miao people make high-quality paper with spring water, tree roots as well as trees bark.

They live in a self-sufficient life in this utopia when harmony dominates. Though lacking of modern comforts, museums and concerts, they are not less healthy, happy, passionate and creative than us. Nurtured by the enticing landscape, they have cultivated brave, considerate, kind, sincere, profound and innocent character. Rather than set up defense against each other, they open heart to others include outsiders and treat them like family members.

Against the tide of urbanization which sweeps away China and eliminates traditional culture, art, festivals and industries on a large scale mercilessly, Miao people here still cling to their primitive lifestyle and time-honored traditions include paper making technique. Thanks to them, we can examine our lifestyle, view this world from another perspective and go back to the childhood of human civilization.

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