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Sunday Market in Kaili City
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The market in Kaili happens on every Sunday, so we just call it Sunday Market.

This lively market is definitely worth a visit. Because many Miao people live nearby, Kaili's market provides the added interest of traditionally dressed Miao girls and women. There is a growing tendency for Miao girls to dress like the Han Chinese girls in trousers and jackets, rather than in their black pleated skirts and embroidered jackets. However, they nearly always wear their hair in a traditional manner piled high according to the style of their village and decorated with plastic combs, ribbons and even plastic flowers instead of silver.

The vegetable and fresh food section varies according to the season but there is a profusion of fresh vegetables year-round that far outstrips any local European market. In spring there are bamboo baskets full of wide assortment of mushrooms and fungi. There are basketloads of fresh cabbage of different varieties, plenty of red tomotatoes.

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