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The Every Six Day Market in Shidong
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Markets have happened for hundreds of years and for countless times since farmers had pretty enough crops or remaining animals to exchange with others in the countryside markets for what they need, and then the market ecomony started moving its steps in the history. This traditional markets still continue today in southwest China, they happen every 3 days,  5 days, 6 days, or 7days; usually every 6 days, because there are 12 animals' signs in Chinese lunar calendar, which is easier for farmers to remember, especially for those who did not go to school and were not able to read Chinese in countryside or in some isolated villages, where the native people only speak their own languages instead of Chinese.  With the development of local economy, the products in countryside markets become more rich and colorful, not only do the animals and food appear in the market, but also the silver ornaments, and shamans. We do not think this tradition and culture will last too long in the future, since China is developing so quickly, and many young peole are trying to go to big cities at the monent instead of living in the far villages.

Miao(Hmong) Market in Shidong

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