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Seven-Day Trip Kaili-Yangshuo
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D1 Kaili-Qingman-Shiqiao-Langde-Leishan,

Visit Qingman Miao village, Shiqiao Miao village, where you can see people making paper with trees' bark, and drive to Langde village, visit it.
Stay overnight in Leishan

D2 Leishan-Rongjiang,

Visit Datang village, and drive to Rongjiang via Mt. Leigong, and visit some untouched minority villages.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D3 Rongjiang-Zhaoxing, visit Zengchong Dong village, Tuomiao Miao village, Basha Miao village.
Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D4 Zhaoxing-Tang'an -Zhaoxing

Drive to Tang'an(7 km away), and visit Tang'an Dong village and its nearby terraced paddy fields. If you like, you can hike from Tang'an to Zhaoxing(2 hours).

D5 Zhaoxing-Chengyang,
Visit Diping Wind and Rain bridge, Heli brige and Chengyang wind and rain bridge, explore the Dong villages around Chengyang.
Stay overnight in in Chengyang

D6 Chenyang-Ping'an

Drive to Ping'an, visit the terraced paddy fields over Ping'an(Longji terraces).
Stay overnight in Ping'an

D7 Drive from Ping'an to Yangshuo, we send you to Yangshuo, the trip ends. You can spend 2 or three days in Yangshuo, visit it by bike or take boats in Li river.

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