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Grand Huangguoshu Waterfalls
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This is the largest waterfall in China, and is located near Anshun. It is about 74 metres high and 81 metres wide, and really a spectacular sight. You walk down the mountainside along a stepped and stone-paved path to a point at about mid-height of the fall, then cross BEHIND the waterfall to the other side of it via a 134m-long tunnel called the 'Water-Curtain Cave'. The tunnel has several 'windows' along its length opening out into the waterfall, where you can watch, hear and even touch the thunderous flow of the water as it plummets down to the foot of the fall. At the end of the 'Water-Curtain Cave', the stepped path continues down the mountainside to the bottom of the fall, where the water plunges into the 'Rinocerous Pool' (XiNiu Tan) with tremendous force, throwing up a thick mist of water droplets which rise high up into the air and diffracts the sunlight on a sunny day to produce a beautiful rainbow arching across the fall.


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