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Zhouxi Lusheng Festival Tour in 2024
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This festival usually happens in February, it falls on the 18th, 19th and the 20th day of the first lunar month.

D1(Feb.28)  Guiyang-Kaili

Arrive in Guiyang, and transfer to Kaili.

Overnight in Kaili

D2(Feb.29) Kaili, visit Qingman Miao village and Shiqiao village, where the local Miao still keep an old tradition of making paper by hand, which could be dated back to 700 years ago in Guizhou. Afer we visit this village,we drive to visit lusheng festival in Zhouxi village.

Overnight in Kaili

D3(March01)  Kaili-Xijiang-Kaili

Visit Langde Miao village and Wudong, a remote Miao village in Leigong mountain with 80 Miao(Hmong) households there.

Overnight in Kaili

D4(March02)  Kaili-Guiyang

See you off at Guiyang airport, or drop you off at Kaili Nan Railway station, the tour ends.

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