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Sisters' Meal Festival Tour 2024
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D1(April 21)Arrival at Guiyang

Arrival at Guiyang airport and meet our guide and driver, transfer to Kaili.

Overnight at Kaili Zongheng Hotel(4 stars)

Our hotel has a good location, just near the local minority Museum, it is free to visit.

D2(April 22 ) Kaili-Taijiang-Kaili

Sisters' Meal festival Ceremony! This festival ceremony is held in Taijiang County, there will be around 5 different Miao groups participate in the festival today, they come from different villages on high mountains. Miao People call themselves “Hmong”, many of them live in Laos, Vietnam, Laos and USA. Sisters Meal festival is like a party for young people to look for their boyfriend or girlfriend, usually we say to look for a marriage partners. In this festival, local girls try to show how beautiful their embroidery clothes and silver ornaments are. So many unmarried gentlemen stop their work to visit the groups of pretty girls.

Visit Sisters' Meal festival in the morning and visit other Miao villages on the way back to Kaili.

Overnight at Kaili Zongheng Hotel(4 stars)

D3(April 23) Kaili- Laotun-Zhenyuan

We spend a whole day in Laotun for Sisters Meal festival today in Laotun! In Laotun, we can see how the locals prepare their silver ornaments and dressing up for their festival. Sometimes the festival preparation process is more interesting than the festival itself. In the late afternoon we drive to Zhenyuan, an ancient town which can be dated back to 2,000 years ago. A river called Wuyang river divides Zhenyuan into two parts, they are called Fucheng and Weicheng respectively. So this town is also called a Taoism town, because it’s divided into 2 part, just like Yin and Yang.

Enjoy night views of Zhenyuan along Wuyang river, or you can take a local boat visiting Wuyang river, enjoy the breeze when boat moves forward.

Overnight in Zhenyuan Yihao Hotel(4 stars)

D4(April 24)Zhenyuan-Huangping-Kaili

Visit Black Dragon cave buildings and old street in the morning and visit Feiyunya(Flying Cloud Cliff temples). The temples in Black Dragon Cave can be dated back to 600 years ago, and even longer, they consist of Buddhism temples, Taoism temples, and Confucianism academy buildings. No conflicts among them, but there are more cooperation.  

Feiyunya (Flying Cloud Cliff) buildings used to be an ancient official post house, for officials to change stronger horses to move on their business trip. The local temples are around 600 years old.

Stay overnight in Kaili Zongheng Hotel(4 stars)

D5(April 25) Kaili-Rongjiang

Visit Upper Langde Miao village in the morning, there will be a greeting ceremony to meet guests by offering bowls or cups of rice wine to drink when guests enter into Langde village. So guests will pass through 12 blocks and drink 12 bowls or cups of rice wine.  Visit a local Miao family and lunch in a Miao wooden house.  In the afternoon, we can visit the traditional ceramics mills near Leishan. On the way to Rongjiang, visit the terrace rice fields in Kaitun and other Miao and Dong villages.

Overnight at Shangpin International Hotel

D6(April 26) Rongjiang-Congjiang-Zhaoxing

Visit a morning market in Rongjiang, and visit Basha Miao village on the way to Zhaoxing.

Basha village is a typical Miao village, local men still have long hair and make a topknot, around which the other hair is shaved by a sharp sickle. Each man has a private gun, but today it is only for hunting wild animals, and it becomes a symbol of being a man in this Miao group.

In the evening, we enjoy Dong Chorus in the evening, since Dong people often say, the rice fills their stomachs while songs fill their hearts. So all Dong people are good at singing, they are natural singers. Zhaoxing is the biggest Dong township with 900 Dong households and 4600 habitants. There are 5 drum towers in Zhaoxing, each of them stands for a Dong tribe.

Overnight at Zhaoxing Indigo Hotel(3 stars hotel)

D7(April 27) Zhaoxing

Drive to Tang’an, visit Tang’an Dong village and its nearby terraced fields, hiking down the hills to Zhaoxing from Tang’an, it takes us 2 hours, passing through some other Dong villages on the way. Relax in the afternoon.

Overnight in Zhaoxing Indigo hotel

D8(April 28) Zhaoxing to Rongjiang

Visit Dimen Dong village and Dali Dong village. Today we visit two isolated Dong village, most of locals do not speak Chinese, Dong women still wear their indigo dyed clothes.

Overnight at Rongjiang Dongxiangmi hotel(3 stars)

D9(April 29) Rongjiang-Danzhai-Kaili

Visit Qingman Miao village and Shiqiao village where the local Miao farmers still make paper with trees' bark near river or in some cave, this technique can be dated back to 1,300 years ago in China. We call it Tang dynasty style paper making skill.

Overnight at Kaili Zongheng hotel(4 stars)

D10(April 30) Kaili-Guiyang airport
Drive to Guiyang airport and the trip ends.

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