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Gulong Lusheng Festival Tour 2024
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This is an itinerary to visit Gulong lusheng festival and some other remote villages;

The tour shall be discussed and confirmed in advance, so we tour operators can book hotels in advance.

The Lusheng festival  will fall on Oct.29 in 2024.

D1 Arrive at Guiyang airport, our driver and guide pick you up  and transfer to Kaili city.

It takes you 2.5 hours to Kaili.

Overnight in Kaili

D2 Kaili-Fanzhao-Fanpai-Kaili

Visit the market in Taijiang County, and drive to visit remote Fanpai village and Fanzhao village. You can hike to visit Fanzhao village (30 minutes), and visit other villages on the way.

Overnight in Kaili

D3  Kaili-Qingman-Shiqiao-Matang- Chong’an-Kaili,

Visit Qingman Miao village, and Shiqiao Miao village, where you can see people making paper with trees' bark which can be dated back to 1300 years ago in China. After you visit Shiqiao we drive to Chong’an, possibly have a chance to see a small festival in Chong’an today. If you would like, you can hike from Chong’an to Xinzhai Gejia village (30 minutes) or drive to visit Matang.  Drive back to Kaili

D4 Lusheng festival in Gulong!

Drive to visit Lusheng festival in Gulong, on the way back to Kail, visit other Miao villages. Drive back to Kaili. You’d better prepare your lunch today, since it is hard to find a restaurant in Gulong.  

Stay overnight in Kaili

D5 Rice Harvest festival in Danglang!


Visit countryside on the way to Danglang.  Visit Rice Harvest Festival in Danglang today.

Stay overnight in Kaili

D6 Kaili-Jidao-Rongjiang, visit Jidao Miao village and other villages on the way to Rongjiang, passing through Mt. Leigong, our National Preserved Original Forest Park.

Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D7 Rongjiang

Visit Baibei Miao village(You need hike to Baibei if it rains, it takes 2 hours to hike,  or we can drive to a little bit further if the weather is good since the road is an earth road.); After Baibei village we drive back to Rongjiang and move on our trip to another side of Rongjiang. After 1 hour’s drive, we visit a Dong village called Dali. Although the local tourism tried to give some English boards to the village, and open it for tourists, but few visitors can arrive there. It is hidden in the mountains, covered by green bamboos.

D8  Rongjiang-Zhaoxing

Visit Zengchong Dong village, and Basha Miao village, and other villages on the way to Congjiang or Zhaoxing. Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D9 Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing-Tang'an -Zhaoxing, drive to Tang'an(7 km away), and visit Tang'an Dong village and its nearby terraced paddy fields. If you like, you can hike from Tang'an to Zhaoxing (2 hours)

Stay overnight night in Zhaoxing

D10 Zhaoxing-Congjiang train station, take the train and leave.

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