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Miao New Year
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Miao New Year

Miao New Year is the oldes Han Chinese New Year, but it disappears in Han Chinese culture. It was ever celebrated before the 156 BC by Chinese people, until the Han Dynasty emperor Han Wu Di took his top official's advice to abandon it, and celebrate the new year in the first day of the first lunar month, in order to make people forget Qin Dynasty tradition. Qin Dynasty was ended by Xi Han Dynasty government.

The Old Chinese New Year was same as today's Miao New Year,  just after the rice harvest. To thank the nature, and give the rice fields to take a break, no more grow crops in the winter. All the nature becomes quiet and rests, until the Spring comes back.

According to Miao custom, the tenth lunar month is the beginning of a new year. Therefore the Miao New Year festival, the most important festival for Miao people, is usually celebrated around this time. However, the exact date varies each year and is only disclosed one or two months in advance. Regular updates can be found on our website as the festival approaches.

The celebration of the Miao New Year in Leishan, Guizhou Province is the grandest among Miao festivities. During the event tourists can enjoy watching enchanting Miao customs come alive through various kinds of ethnic activities. These include the festival parade that features Miao girls and women in traditional Miao dress, the traditional music of the Lusheng (a kind of musical instrument made of bamboo), bullfights, horseracing, and of course, lots of singing and dancing.

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