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Bridge Worship Festival
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The Bridge Worship festival is one of the most important festivals in southeast Guizhou. It falls on the second day of the second lunar month in Zhaitou village of Sanshui county. All people must join this festival, dressing up with their best clothes. Women and men go to the bridges, burning paper money and incense, pouring down the rice wine on the ground for  the bridges and their ancestors. After they finish burning incense and paper money, they will play lusheng ( Miao music instrument ), and dance, while some people will hold bull fight near their villages.
Little kids wear their new clothes, carrying and hanging some boiled eggs dyed with color red, pink, green, and purple on their necks, so this festival also looks like local Miao kids' "Children's Day".
It is said that a pregnant woman or a mother who is carrying her little child on the back cannot step and cross other families' bridges in this day, otherwise, her baby or child will not live, since his spirit will leave and look for a new home.
Therefore, these bridges are not just for people to step over the rivers, what's more,  for telling the little spirits where they should go.
There are many stories on the bridges, too. If you want to know more, we can tell you when you join our tours.

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