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Night Days Highlights in Guizhou
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D1 Guiyang-Libo

After we take a long driver of 3.5h, arrive at  Libo. Lunch in Libo before we spend the whole afternoon visiting Xiaoqikong and Daqikong.

Guizhou has beautiful scenery everywhere. Libo County in southern Guizhou is famous for its beautiful scenery. The most famous one is Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, which has hundreds of large and small waterfalls. It is a veritable waterfall kingdom, one of which is very magical and successful. The first person in the wild to survive, Bell Griers, came to shoot the adventure program. He is a foreigner.

This waterfall is called Cuigu Waterfall. It is named after the green mountains. The Cuigu Waterfall is more than 60 meters high. It is the largest waterfall in the Xiaoqikong Scenic Spot. From a distance, it is like a white ribbon attached to the mountainside.

The Cuigu Waterfall is an independent landscape. It usually takes ten minutes to visit, but due to the beautiful scenery, the actual stay of visitors is usually longer.

The scene in the Cuigu Waterfall is called "Adventure with Bell". It is Asia's first natural exploration documentary reality show. This filming experience has improved the popularity of Cuigu Waterfall to a certain extent, making it a lot of tourists. Must-have attractions.

Cuigu Waterfall next to the green grass Yiyi, the water in front of the waterfall is clear, the waterfall and the green hills are reflected in the water-like dreams.

Cuigu Waterfall is not far from the 68-level waterfall in Xiaoqikong Scenic Area. It is one of the parking spots of the scenic sightseeing car. Due to the foggy weather in Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, this attraction is quite beautiful most of the time.

After the Xiaoqilong and Daqikong visit, we drive to Libo county, and visit the night food market.

Overnight in Libo

D2 Libo-Zhaoxing

Visit Huanggang Dong village and Basha Miao village.

Visit the best protected Huanggang Dong village and Basha Miao village.

Overnight Zhaoxing

D3 Zhaoxing-Xijiang-Wudong

Visit Zhaoxing in the morning and drive to Xijiang in the afternoon. Enjoy the nice view of Xijiang.

Overnight in Wudong Miao village

D4 Wudong-Matang-Feiyun temple-Fanjingshan

Visit Matang village of Gejia group, experience how to make batik with wax and indigo water. On the way to Fanjiangshan, visit Feiyunya temple, which is a quiet temple with a 600 years history as a hidden one among the hills

Overnight in Jiangkou

D5 Jiangkou-fanjiangshan-Zhenyuan

Spend 5 hours in Fanjingshan scenic spot, visit the famous red Cloud peaks and Old peak.

Visit Zhenyuan ancient town.

Overnight in Zhenyuan


Visit Zhenyuan Black Dragon Cave temples and the ancient alleys.

Drive to Anshun this afternoon.

Overnigt in Anshun

D7 Anshun-Huangguoshu-Xingyi

Visit Huangguoshu waterfalls in the morning and drive to Xingyi in the afternoon.

Overnight in Xingyi

D8 Xingyi

Visit Wanfenglin and Malinghe Canyon.

Overning in Xingyi

D9 Xingyi-Guiyang airport.

After we send you to Guiyang airport, the trip ends.

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