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14 Days Trip for Lantern Festival
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D1 Arrive in Guiyang airport and transfer to Guiyang city, visit the city and Guizhou minority museum.
Stay overnight in Guiyang

D2 Guiyang-Liuzhi,visit Siyin Miao(Four-seal Miao) in Ertang.
Stay overnight in Liuzhi

D3  Liuzhi-Anshun,visit the festival in Suoga(Long horn Miao), visit other

villages on the way to Anshun.

D4 Anshun-Kaili, visit some minority villages on the way to Kaili.

Stay overnight in Kaili

D5  Kaili,
visit Qingman Miao village and Shiqiao,where the local people still make
paper with trees’ bark.
Stay overnight in in Kaili

D6 Kaili-Shidong-Kaili,Shidong market Day! This is one of the most interesting markets in Southwest China.And visit other Miao villages (different Miao group) on the way to Shidong.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D7 Kaili-Matang-Tonggu-Taijiang,visit Matang Gejia group village, and Lusheng festival in Tonggu and enjoy Dragon lantern festival in Taijiang at night.
Stay overnight in Taijiang

D8 Taijiang-Leishan-Rongjiang,visit Langde, Datang and Wuji Miao village.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D9 Rongjiang-Zhaoxing,visit Basha Miao village,  and Zhaoxing and other minority villages on the way to Zhaoxing.
Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D10 Zhaoxing,drive to Tang’an, and start hiking from Tang’an to Zhaoxing(2 hours). Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D11 Drive to Rongjiang, Market day in Xiajiang, and visit Gaodong Miao village or Gaogeng village.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D12 Rongjiang-Danzhai,visit Miao villages  and Shui villages on the way, and go hiking to Baibei Miao village.
Stay overnight in Danzhai

D13 Danzhai-Kaili, Lusheng festival day in Zhouxi!
Visit cuntryside of Danzhai in the morming,and drive to visit Lusheng festival in Zhouxi in the afternoon.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D14 Kaili-Guiyang,send you to Guiyang,and the trip ends.

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